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spookylyrox said: I approve of this blog.

We approve of you.

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chakwas said: Why the fuck are there so few of these? This is HILARIOUS!

Glad you like them! Sorry this was sent forever ago, we’ve just been busy with university.

Text 18 Sep Chronicles of Thedas - A Dragon Age Board


Welcome to Thedas - a vast continent made up of a various countries that are similar in many ways to medieval Europe. One of the biggest differences…


This is the Dragon Age, an Age that was named for the appearance of the first dragon in several hundred years. An Age marred by Wars. Orlais is the dominant Empire, Tevinter locked in a battle on its northern front with the invading Qunari, and Ferelden a land still recovering from the Fifth Blight.

It is the year 950DA and thirteen years have passed since the events in Kirkwall, events that sparked a war between Mages and Templar’s. Circle’s of Magi rebelled, lines were drawn and crossed and all of Thedas bore witness to the bloodshed of Templar and Mage alike. It took ten years of sieges and terror for both sides to finally call a truce.

It is too much to hope for this peace to last though. Factions are secretly planning, the Hand of Justice has never stopped fighting, the Libertarian’s are caught between their promises to the world and their belief that all mages should be free… The Swords want blood, the Hand of Justice wants revenge. Meanwhile Orlais is in grave danger from a threat thought to be quelled twenty years ago and Tevinter is on the brink of defeat. Who will protect Thedas from itself?

The Chantry?

The Seekers?

….. or maybe….

The Dragons.

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Photo 11 Jul 1 note The Obsessed Meredith template for anyone who’d like to submit their own. 

The Obsessed Meredith template for anyone who’d like to submit their own. 

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heartcafe said: omg. This is hilarious XD Do you have the blank version so I can submit some stuff? :)

Thanks! glad you like it. :)

I’ll post the template for you, and anyone else who’d like to make their own.

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